Travel And Tourist

To assist the tourism industry of Afghanistan, with ever-increasing global tourism, the Afghan Tourism Industry has tremendous potential to become profitable. The nature of Afghanistan includes vast landscapes, such as breathtaking mountain ranges and beautiful lakes, in the region. Afghanistan also possesses a rich cultural heritage due to its geographical position between the east and the west, as well as the rich diversity in ethnicity and cultural practices in which Afghanistan’s history has been steeped.

Tourism properly can play a role in the economic and social development of the country. The tourism industry creates new employment opportunities and direct and indirect employment, create new markets for the sale of Industrial products and create additional revenues and also can prevent the migration of economic development and improve the quality of people’s life.

Both Black Ocean Safi Group and Afghanistan have the potential to gain profitable income from the tourism industry. By developing the tourism industry we will bring changes in the life of Afghan people. Tourism development will lead to growth in others sectors. We will attempt and are willing to make serious efforts in order to develop the tourism industry in our country.

Therefore, Black Ocean Safi Group with its investment and promotion of Afghanistan’s Travel & Tourism industry aims to bring revenue for all related bodies including the government.

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