Black Ocean Safi Group is established with the objective of transforming and modernizing the agriculture sector in Afghanistan. It is based on the understanding that cultivation and distribution of high-quality crops are essential to the expanded production and commercialization of Afghan products both in national and international markets.

We offer solutions to the complex and growing needs of farmers by providing better seeds and technologically, advanced systems for the production of the fresh fruits and vegetables needed to produce quality food products while also conserving natural resources.

Through a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, professional excellence, and an in-depth understanding of the demand-supply dynamics in the local, regional, and international agribusiness industry, we have managed to invest through our Agribusiness owned partner companies in several fresh fruits & vegetables production and processing lines, contract farming, agriculture research, and dried fruit processing and packaging in Afghanistan.

Black Ocean Safi Group aims to empower farmers, within their national and provincial context, to sustainably generate additional income and to be equipped for and capable of responding to dynamically changing climate and market conditions. At the same time, we seek to contribute to transforming the agriculture sector towards more sustainability, by building capacities of relevant system actors and developing inclusive, resource-efficient, and resilient agricultural systems, which strengthen natural processes and ecosystems.

Promoting the access of farmers to improved agricultural products, services, and know-how and, increasing their ability to make use of them via Access to quality (sustainable) inputs and improved efficiency of input use. Access to technologies that increase the efficiency and sustainability of production and value chains. Access to extension services and information on improved and sustainable production, and post-harvest practices. Awareness of climate change risks and capacity building on climate change adaptation.

Creating market linkages and strengthening the entrepreneurial skills of farmers and farmers’ organizations, Commercialization of sustainable products/practices, Dissemination of market information,  Introduction and implementation of standards and traceability, Improved post-harvest management, storage and processing skills, Entrepreneurial and marketing skills, and financial capabilities of farmers enterprises and organizations, Enhancing the enabling environment for improved performance, inclusiveness, and resilience of the overall system.

While we are headquartered in Afghanistan, we would like to expand our business internationally within and diversify our portfolio to include investments in the aforementioned areas.

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