Trade is rapidly becoming a necessary conduit of growth for Afghanistan, rather than simply an option. Trade and private sector development are now an integral part of the country’s development agenda, and increasingly, both the Government and economic actors are seeking to position export competitiveness as a means of fostering overall growth.

Afghanistan usually trades with its neighbors, Pakistan being its major trade partner. The latter receives nearly more than 40% of Afghan exports, followed by India, China, and Turkey.

Exports are incredibly important to modern economies because they offer people and firms many more markets for their goods. Exports can increase sales and profits if the goods, create new markets or expand existing ones, they may even present an opportunity to capture significant global market share.

As export plays an important role in the economy, influencing the level of the economy, employment, and the balance of payments.

Therefore, Black Ocean Safi Group aims to make a roadmap to help run export activities and missions with a more cohesive, vision to reach the company’s goals and objectives and to bring benefits for all the parties in Afghanistan such as the government, farmers, and other related sectors through supplying of the world’s finest quality dried and fresh fruits in local & international markets.

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